B(e) Positive

I can honestly say everyday is a learning experience when it comes to this whole having cancer thing and having to go through chemotherapy every two weeks. For starters I thought I was really starting to figure this whole side effect situation out, but turns out I was wrong. I was pleasantly surprised at the lack of side effects I encountered during chemo round 2 (besides the monumental change of me losing all of my hair). I was back on my feet within 2 days of treatment, didn’t get those wretched mouth sores, and didn’t feel as nauseous as I felt like I should have been. I knew it was too good to be true and let me tell you I was right. As I’m getting my third round of chemo the nurse asks me “Do you know why they skipped this medication in your last round of chemo?” Well too be quite honest with you I don’t even know why she was asking me in the first place. That seems like the kind of question you would ask the nurse or my doctor, but I just told her I wasn’t sure, and that I had no clue I hadn’t received it in the first place. I try to continue to be positive but I’m also just a tad irritated that I was out of the loop and didn’t know where the loss of communication happened. When I first learned I had Hodgkins Lymphoma my oncologist explained to me that the chemotherapy given is the abbreviation ABVD, and the medication they forgot just happens to be the B, and let me tell you it’s the worst one of all. Naturally I was disappointed because I had felt so good after my second round and felt like I just took a step back with learning how to control how I felt the days that followed chemo. I go home and hours later to no surprise I definitely felt worse than the treatment before and the nausea hit me like a semi truck. This time was different because I knew although I had absolutely no desire to eat anything I had to force myself so I wouldn’t lose anyore weight. I had done so good this second round including gaining 4 of my lbs back from the 7 I lost in the first round. To many of you I know you’re probably thinking a 7lb loss is dramatic or look at it as a good thing, well for those of you who don’t know I weighed 111lbs before this whole thing started so losing 7 felt more like 50 unfortunately. I don’t have many diet restrictions while going through this, but it’s definitely not what you’d expect. My tastebuds have completely changed, and I’ve completely switched to plasticware because of the metallic taste everything has these days. I went from literally eating anything and everything as spicy as I possible could to barely being able to handle any spice at all due to attempting to prevent the awful mouth sores I encountered in round one. Potatoes (in all forms) have become my all time favorite along with ice cream, graham crackers, and i’m still obsessed with fruit. If I could compare my “chemo diet” to anything it would be similar to being pregant. Which means no sushi, only scrambled eggs, and I have to be careful when it comes to caffeine and raw fruits and vegetables. Each round it seems like what I eat changes and I miss some of my favorite foods, but I am incredibly determined to make each round better than the last. Round 4 is September 5th, and I know I’ll make it a good one!

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Bechtold Badass

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Hi! I'm Meagan Bechtold. I am a 26 year old fighting Hodgkins Lymphoma. I decided to start a blog because writing has always been the best outlet for me to express how I'm feeling and what I'm going through. I also started this in hopes of helping anyone going through cancer and chemotherapy, or just wants to follow along with my journey! I have an amazing husband Chris and we have been together for about 9 years and married a year and a half he is honestly my best friend and my biggest supporter! We do not have any kids yet but we have our two fur babies who we absolutely adore. I hope you guys enjoy my posts, and hopefully I can make a difference!

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